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Mayor & Council

Mayor and Council Members

The City of Lithonia is governed by a Mayor and a 5 member Council, all elected to 4-year terms. The Council is tasked with providing unsurpassed governmental duties through several avenues.

Mayor Shameka S. Reynolds

Mayor Shameka S. Reynolds

(Term ends December 31, 2023)

William Dodd

Council Member William "Ric" Dodd

(Term ends December 31, 2021)

Diane W. Howard

Council Member Diane W. Howard

(Term ends December 31, 2021)

Darold P. Honore

Council Member Darold P. Honore, Jr.

(Term ends December 31, 2023

Vanneriah Wynn

Council Member Vanneriah Wynn

(Term ends December 31, 2023)

Amelia Inman

Council Member Amelia Inman

(Term ends December 31, 2021)


  • Adopt ordinances, resolutions, policies and regulations for the health, safety and welfare of the current and future citizens
  • Create departments, offices and citizen advisory committees necessary for the efficient and effective operation of the City
  • Participate in community strategic and long-range planning
  • Approve the municipal boundaries, sphere of influence and all annexations of land into the City
  • Approve all zoning changes, subdivisions and commercial and industrial site plans. Approve all development agreements with residential, commercial and industrial developers
  • Adopt the annual City budget